Deanna's Story

image 1Deanna Glossup was diagnosed in 2003 at the age of 10 with Ewing's Sarcoma, a rare type of bone cancer usually found in children and young adults. Due to several relapses of her disease, there were many return visits to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital from 2003 until 2007. Deanna's incredible determination, infinite faith, and will to live helped her to fight her disease for four long years.  She just refused to give up.  During those four years of treatments which included a stem cell transplant, she became a well known face to many at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital with her charming, positive, and uncompromising attitude . Deanna was a very loving and giving young lady. She worried more about others than she did about herself. Deanna's greatest joy was helping other children with the desire of lifting their spirits.   She loved doing things for other children and their families who were confined to the hospital. Deanna and her parents had been there so many times throughout her treatments, they knew this scenario all too well. Deanna loved delivering fruit baskets or snack baskets to the families. One of Deanna's favorite gifts for the younger children was a stuffed animal that she personally built for them at Build-A-Bear. The stuffed animal's name on it's birth certificate was the child's name who was the recipient of the gift. Deanna also loved to do age appropriate gifts for her teen friends who were in the hospital such as CDs of their favorite artists. One of Deanna's greatest loves for most of her life was country music. She realized early on in her diagnosis that music had an awesome healing effect.  Listening to her favorite music from her favorite country artists helped her get through many tough chemotherapy and radiation treatments. On April 9th, 2007 Deanna Glossup passed away at the age of 14.  It is her parents, Dean and Bobbie Jean Glossup's utmost desire to keep her memory alive as well as her loving and giving spirit. We have been there.  We know what it is to be the parents watching your child endure these treatments.  We been through so many stays at the hospital and as awesome place as Vanderbilt Children's Hospital is with its wonderful doctors, nurses, and caregivers, it is very important to keep these children and their families positive, happy, and determined. That is how and why The Deanna Glossup Foundation was created, to continue Deanna's love of helping other children and their families. 
The Deanna Glossup Foundation is made up of a group of wonderful and outstanding volunteers whose lives were touched by Deanna in numerous ways. These volunteers work not only events that benefit The Deanna Glossup Foundation but as The Deanna Glossup Foundation work events that benefit The Make-A-Wish Foundation, Vanderbilt Children's Hospital, Friends of Vanderbilt Children's Hospital, and The American Cancer Society. These were all very special organizations that added to the quality of Deanna's life during her illness and became very special to her.

Cancer is so limited,
it cannot cripple love,
it cannot shatter hope,
it cannot corrode faith,
it cannot destroy peace,
it cannot kill true friendship,
it cannot suppress memories,
it cannot silence courage,
it cannot invade ones soul,
it cannot conquer the spirit,
And it cannot EVER steal eternal LIFE.


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